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Future 50 Floater


CLUBS (for classes I to V)

  1. Western Dance
  2. Indian Dance
  3. Dramatics
  4. Sculpture
  5. Carpentry
  6. Music
  7. Aerobics
  8. Debating
  9. Art and Origami
  10. Best out of Waste
  11. Home Science
  12. Personality Development


  1. Dramatics
  2. Debate Society
  3. Green Brigade
  4. Heritage
  5. Vigilance
  6. Science
  7. Home Science
  8. Photoshop & Photography

Paid Clubs

  1. Robotronics
  2. Astronomy

Club activities are an integral part of curriculum for classes I to V. Student’s from classes VI to XII will opt for any two clubs in one session. One club activity per term is compulsory & graded for co-scholastic assessment. Parents are requested to encourage children to participate in these club activities as this ensures holistic development of the child and enhances sense of responsibility.